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We are reimagining how benefits compliance solutions are provided.

What We Do

What We Do

Staying in compliance can be a time-consuming chore.

Much like collecting and taking out the garbage, it’s a menial task that employers and their brokers complete simply because ERISA mandates it, and costly fines are involved if the Department of Labor notices these aren’t being done.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

What if the “waste” of these compliance tasks could be repurposed into something more valuable than they could ever be by themselves?

how we help

We upcycle the "waste" to make you more efficient.

With every compliance service, we extract valuable information to create value-added products such as a sophisticated compliance calendar hyper-customized for each employer. Say goodbye to generic, irrelevant information brokers and employers must sort through. Hello helpful, specific, actionable guidance.

Broad Expertise

  • Full-Service Form 5500 Fulfillment
  • Full-Service Plan Document Fulfillment
  • Full-Service Forms 1094/1095 Reporting
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Hyper-Customized Compliance Calendar
  • Federal Notice and Disclosure Review and Remediation Consulting
  • Welfare Benefits Compliance Q&A
  • Non-Discrimination Testing
  • Lean and Six Sigma Process Improvement
  • ACA Penalty Defense
  • Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Look-Back Measurement Method Analysis and Reporting
  • Healthcare FSA
  • Dependent Care FSA
  • Self-Insured Medical, Dental or Vision
  • Controlled Group and Affiliated Service Group Determination (IRS Code Section 414)
  • PCORI Fee/Form 720 Reporting
  • Wellness Program Compliance
  • Agency RFx Support
  • Data System Integration
  • Custom Web Applications and Connectors


We don’t use intake forms.
We use our brains.

We streamline processes, automate transactional tasks, leave complex analysis to experienced humans and upcycle your data into value-added products such as hyper-customized compliance calendars.

All ERISAfire compliance services are integrated into the same software platform so each additional compliance project is easier to do, more precisely tailored and—most importantly—you have greater assurance that it’s done right. For you, our innovation means:

Better, more accurate forms and documents
Reduced soft costs
Shorter start-to-finish cycle times as scope expands

All of which allow you to focus more on your core business.

How It Works

We're not your typical garbage-in-garbage-out compliance vendor.


Without ERISAfire

The job gets done, and compliance trash gets taken out, but only after too many rounds of back-and-forth with the vendor and client. Then if a critical detail is overlooked or another typical mistake happens, it kicks off more back-and-forth with the vendor and yet another round with the client or insurance company.


With ERISAfire

ERISAfire automates the transactional components—like fetching Schedules A—and integrates data from government filings, agency management systems and other compliance projects, so we have a more complete picture to analyze. This eliminates mistakes and extraneous rounds of communication, which saves you time and proves to your clients the value you add to their benefits programs.

Million-Dollar Warranty

We’re so confident in our work product that every ERISAfire compliance service is backed by a million-dollar warranty and audit defense guaranty from an experienced ERISA law firm.


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